Treating Glaucoma Headaches

Glaucoma headaches

I know some of you may be wondering what glaucoma is, it is a disease that affects the optic nerve. The optic is the part of the eye that transmits light impulses from the retina to the brain which is then transformed into vision. If glaucoma is not diagnosed and treated early enough it can lead to blindness. This disease is characterized by progressive damage to the optic nerve which subsequently leads to loss of vision. Glaucoma is believed to be caused by poor regulation of blood flow to the optic nerve and eye pressure. Glaucoma manifests itself through various symptoms and this includes glaucoma headaches, inflamed red eye, nausea blurry vision and vomiting.


The major risk factors for glaucoma include, people with a history of elevated eye pressure, people with diabetes, people who have had a history of an injury to the eye, people with black ancestry. The pressure that causes glaucoma of the eye leads to corneal swelling which results to the patient seeing haloes. A glaucoma headache is very painful and serious. The good news is that glaucoma is curable and this can be done by a doctor through corrective surgery of the iris through the incision of a small hole with laser, and this is done to allow the fluid to continue with their normal outflow channels.


If you are experiencing unexplainable headaches and pain around your eye it is advisable to go and look for advice from your doctor just to be sure, because glaucoma if detected earlier is treatable  and this helps avoid the stress involved in negligence and the symptoms, prevention is better than cure. Glaucoma headaches which usually occur around the eye are the biggest indicators of something wrong and it should be a cause of alarm.


A glaucoma headache begins from the eye and spreads and becomes a headache.  This pain is caused by an amplified pressure in the eyeball itself. Glaucoma headaches are very excruciating and the eye feels hard when touched. For those with chronic or have had a long standing with glaucoma suffers from this painful headaches but the pain is less intense. In this case of long-standing glaucoma, the glaucoma headache is a dull aching that is experienced around the eye.

Glaucoma disease is associated with abnormal eye pressure, and this is one of the reasons as to why the disease causes headaches. it is normally the eye pressure that causes damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma headaches are usually very excruciating and the normal or traditional pain relievers may not always work immediately to warrant relief hence it is recommended that when you are suffering from a glaucoma headache and this includes a combination of eye drops and oral medication is usually advisable but under the consultation of your physician.

The mode of treatment is modified from time to time depending on the level of disease advancement until the disease is cured. Glaucoma headaches can also be triggered by feelings of stress or when you are afraid.

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