What is Advanced Glaucoma?

Advanced glaucoma involves poor vision and hard for the affected party to take part in a number of different activities like reading, driving or watching television. It starts slowly and gradually reduces the vision and one eventually gets blinded in a short-span. Some people do not go fir eye checkups and it gets harder for them to know they have this ailment. When it is discovered when in the early stages, it is easier to prevent it though regular scanning, tests, advice and the right medication. When one has no proper advice, they end up suffering total blindness with time. There are many... Read More

How to Deal with Borderline Glaucoma

Many people have no idea they are suffering from glaucoma until they start having issues with sites. This is known as bilateral glaucoma and one needs to find out the extent of the damage. Some of the causes of glaucoma include injuries sustained during fights, assaults, or accidents. When this happens, it affects the eye and the optic nerve in general. This is one of the core parts of the eye, that deals with vision and when anything blocks it, one finds it hard to see well. One needs to make sure they get the eye tests done by professionals to warn of any impounding danger. When one is... Read More

Causes of Borderline Glaucoma

Borderline glaucoma is also known as narrow angle glaucoma and this condition is very rare. Not many people know they are suffering from any glaucoma related illness but if they feel sudden pain in the eye and cannot resist the pain, they need to visit the medical room immediately. This type of glaucoma appears immediately and the pain is immense and very hard for one to control it. People, who have never undergone eye tests or diagnosed with glaucoma, will automatically know there is a problem with the eye based on the high levels of pain they are experiencing. This type of glaucoma is... Read More

How to Avoid Blindness from Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the primary cause of blindness, it affects many individuals. It affects the infants and the seniors as well as the aging individuals.  Although it is not an eye disease, it is a condition that can be detected, prevented and treated.  This can be done by visiting the doctor for simple eye examination and regular check ups.  Once it has been detected it is advisable that you visit your doctor frequently to avoid being blind later. So what is glaucoma?  It can be defined simply as an eye condition which is normally associated by intraocular eye condition. It leads to the... Read More

Glaucoma Diets You Should Know

According to research, one has the opportunity to avoid future blindness when they have the glaucoma diet, and take time to invest in eye centers to get the best results. Everyone has higher chances of getting this disease, hence the need to take stern measures to curb it away in the earliest time possible. It is a proven factor that one has the capacity to prevent this disease and this is through a proper diet, reporting to the eye specialists for frequent tests and living a good lifestyle. We are what we eat, and taking certain foods will promote poor vision and this will lead to total... Read More

About Glaucoma Societies

Glaucoma society gives one the opportunity to know more about this condition and this will enable one to know on its existence and seek advice, consultation, and undergo test to find out if they have this condition. Many people rarely go for checkups, and this is one of the major reasons, that lead to blindness and eye related illness. This function aims to promote awareness and offer good medical assistance to different people. Glaucoma society insists of professionals and researchers who take time to analyze these medical conditions and inform other patients and the society on the new... Read More

Herbs that Help Treat Glaucoma

Eyes are important organs in our bodies without the eye we cannot be able to see. Life would loose a meaning, if one doesn’t have his or her sight. People like overworking their eyes, this leads to severe eye problems.  The problems that affect the eye are always countless, but even then we need to take good care of our eyes. Some of the infections that affect the eye are stye, myopia, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and cataract. All these infections can lead to losing your sight, so it is important to know how to prevent and treat these infections. This article will guide you on the herbs that... Read More

A Brief History of Glaucoma

The history of glaucoma takes us back to 1622, when the scientists came to realize the effects of this condition and the ages affected by it. In Greek, it was common for older people to have poor sight and it was as a result of aging and poor vision. It was later discovered that this was because of poor control of the drainage system from an early age. This alter underwent a series of tests from various individuals across different ages and the results concluded that people of a certain descent had higher chances of getting this condition compared to others. Many people who took part in... Read More

What is Pigment Dispersion Glaucoma?

Many people have no idea that pigment dispersion glaucoma exists and they only confuse it with normal glaucoma. This condition is very rare but it does exist but you have the opportunity to prevent it when it’s in the early stages. This condition is causes because of too much pressure in the eye and blockage of the drainage channels in the eye vessels. It is common for the eye to have the drainage channel which lets out fluids from the eye freely. However, if you have glaucoma present in the body, it gets harder for the fluids to pass through and this result to clotting and pressure on the... Read More

All About Traumatic Glaucoma

Many people undergo certain conditions like accidents, which involve facial trauma and falls. Some people, assaulted, injured in traumatic attacks or through boxing competitions. This makes it harder for them to get back into normal alert condition and this makes it harder for them to have proper vision. Many doctors overlook Traumatic glaucoma and in many cases, many specialists do not conduct proper tests to find out if the patient is in any alert position. One needs to make sure that they get the right hospital, which has all the necessary equipments to aid in the checkup and treatment... Read More