Prevalence of Glaucoma

With the increase in the number of eye clinics over the years, it is not difficult to imagine a large number of patients who suffer from eye problems or diseases. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the world today. Research has shown that it affects up to around 66 million people and causes bilateral blindness to around 6.8 million people around the world. Studies conducted have shown that glaucoma prevalence is higher on the black people than on the white.


Glaucoma prevalence is also more dominant in men than in women and the most common ages of people most likely to be affected are the old but it also affect the young generation. Studies have shown that blacks have the greatest glaucoma prevalence across the ages. The studies have further indicated that the disease is more prevalent in men than in women. The mostly affected people are people between the ages 40 to 65 years of age. Glaucoma prevalence in the leading causes of loss of vision in America, it is estimated to currently affect 2.5 million Americans, but even with this large number of people being affected by this disease, only half of them are aware of the disease.


Glaucoma is hereditary hence this further fosters its prevalence since it can be passed from one generation to the next. Glaucoma is the second cause of low vision in the world and can result in an irreversible loss of vision. There are mainly two types of glaucoma prevalence and this are the open angle glaucoma and the acute glaucoma. In the open angle glaucoma, glaucoma prevalence happens gradually and most people do not realize they have problem until considerable damage has already occurred, an advanced state include the one suffering have peripheral vision and also one can develop tunnel vision symptoms of this in the case of acute glaucoma, the symptoms of the disease occur suddenly, this symptoms include severe glaucoma headaches, blurred vision, redness and pain in the eye.


What causes glaucoma?

I know you may know be wondering what really causes this glaucoma prevalence. The main cause of glaucoma is elevated pressure in the eye subsequently leading to glaucomatous damage to the eye. The optic nerve is susceptible to pressure because it has delicate fibers which can easily be damaged. The optic nerve is the part that is mostly affected by the high pressure; this is because it has delicate parts that can be damaged easily. The eye pressure is caused by the building up of too much fluid and if the fluid cannot be drained or removed it may result to the damage of the optic nerve which eventually leads loss of vision.


Early detection and diagnosis of the disease can result to the treatment of the disease since it is curable, it is also advisable to go and check with your doctor in case you discover some symptoms or a symptom in that case so that you can avoid the aftermath of the disease.

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