Causes of Exfoliation Glaucoma

Many people have eye related conditions and one of them is exfoliation glaucoma. This is one of the major causes of blindness in the entire world and it affects the young and the old. A number of factors cause it but the most notable cause is the buildup of fluids and this forms loads of pressure since the flaky white fluid cannot find the exit channel. Some have this in their genes and others get this condition due to previous cases of eye disorders. Many people who have this exfoliation syndrome have higher chances of getting this condition but this also depends on the location, age, and lifestyle one is leading.

It is very hard for one to notice this disease and it gathers storm gradually without warning. Many people who have the exfoliation syndrome have higher chances of knowing about the exfoliation glaucoma unlike those who have glaucoma. This disease rarely has the signs or symptoms, the condition continues gradually, and the optic nerve is irreplaceable. When one of the nerves in the eyes is not working, it gets hard for the other parts to work, and this leads to total blindness in a matter of days. One needs to make sure that they get all the assistance they need by going for regular checkups and this will enable one to control any eye damage conditions and prevent further tearing of the optic nerve.

With the assistance of an eye specialist one gets the chance to detect the presence of exfoliation glaucoma and this is through testing the pressure on the optic nerve or dilating the pupils. This needs loads of care attention and high levels of specialty, failure to which, crucial parts of the eye, will be damaged. A highly skilled eye specialist will give you all the details you need to know, carry out the tests, and offer treatment.

However, it is not possible to eradicate exfoliation glaucoma when it is in the late stages. It gets harder for the patient to see clearly and the vision only shows dark images, which resemble a tunnel. However, it is possible for them to see the light but cannot clearly see the images. This condition does not chose age, and this condition affects even adults. One needs to make sure that they go for several eye checkups at least three times a year and conduct different tests.

Many people ignore this condition and think that exfoliation glaucoma only affects the aged. When triggered early, one has the capacity to prevent it. Some of the doctors prescribe eye drops, which play a big role in vision and prevent one from scratching the eye. Some people take time to undergo several tests but they end up mixing different medications, which tamper with eye functioning. The condition starts due to immense pressure exacted on the optic nerve and eventually leads to loss of vision. This condition does not take long before it makes one very blind and in a matter of months, many people have already lost the sight.

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