An Overview of Angle Recession Glaucoma

Glaucoma and, especially, its malignant forms are disturbing for humanity.  The angle recession glaucoma is the disease that has to be treated with great care. It is the disease that occurs to the people after an eye has undergone trauma. It is an ocular disorder that has made people suffers from the disease without any proper cure. The after effects of this disease may lead the patient to a severe damage to the optic nerve and the eyesight. The intraocular pressure (IOP) is greatly increased.

The disease needs to be diagnosed and cured immediately and it should be noted that this disease has its roots among the people who suffer from eye injuries. Some other causes during childhood and youth may also contribute a human to attain some form of this disease. It is the disease that may come to children, youth and the adults. The best possible way to get it treated is to contact a well-practiced physician who has a proper training of the disease. Proper medication, therapy or some other specific measures may work together to relieve the people from angle recession glaucoma.

The angle recession glaucoma is said to be affecting the human eyes greatly due to its dangerous nature. After cataract it’s the second major disease causing blindness which once occurred cannot be reversed. This dangerous disease is generally caused by high fluid pressure inside the eyes which severely damages the drainage angle and optic nerve of the eyes. When the intraocular pressure in a person’s eyes remains high constantly it contracts the drainage angle of the eye and thus causes angle recession. The normal eye pressure in a person’s eye is 2.8kPa, if the pressure in the eye is below this limit the internal eye becomes softer and if the pressure is above this limit then the eye becomes harder and the drainage angle of the eye shrinks and you are at risk factor for glaucoma. The IOP rises inside the eyes due to a discrepancy in the drainage and production system of aqueous humor. The nerves that consume the fluid produced inside the eyes do not work appropriately or get blocked. The fluid inside the eyes is produced continuously but not drained properly due to imbalance in blocked or improper drainage channels. As a result of it the quantity of fluid inside the eyes increases constantly and thus fluid pressure inside the eyes elevates which results in angle recession glaucoma.

As glaucoma comprises many different types so angle recession glaucoma is a category of traumatic glaucoma. Angle recession normally takes place when an eye faces direct trauma. As the angle recession glaucoma is rare in people so it may not be voluntarily cured because the beginning of the signs of glaucoma is very late. Angle recession glaucoma may also occur due to an eye injury and this injury might be very old. Those who have angle recession very rarely develop glaucoma in their eyes. But in case if a person is caught up under glaucoma then the beginning of treatment could be largely variable. Might possible its treatment starts at once or it may take months or even years to get started.

The angle recession glaucoma, if not eliminated by medicines, may be treated by surgery which also involves laser and refractive surgery. It is strongly considered that your disease would eradicate after having treatment through surgery as tremendous progressions have been made in this field in recent years. A large number of patients of glaucoma report improvement after getting their treatment in this way and the best way to avoid this horrible disease are regular eye examination of your eyes by an expert eye specialist.

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