Ways to Prevent Glaucoma

Research recommends that frequent exercises can have a very positive impact on intra-ocular fluid pressure in the eye. According to many medical experts, people who do exercises three times or more per weeks time can decrease their eyes’ liquid stress levels by up to 20%. Intra-ocular stress is one of the primary glaucoma risks so any actions you can take to discourage it should be followed. While it won’t offer you assured security from glaucoma, it will reduce your danger. In this article I talk about a number of useful workouts and exercises that can help reduce the liquid stress in your eyes and help avoid glaucoma.


If you are new to doing exercises and fear glaucoma, going for walks is the perfect option. There’s nothing to new here because you have been walking for all your life. Additionally, no specific equipment is required – just a pair walking boots and a rucksack. Lastly, going for walks is much safer compared to doing other daily exercises that can harm your body.


If you are an expert when it comes to doing exercises, then you can give a try to cycling. Riding a bicycle allows you to go out and discover whilst also improving your fitness and reducing your intra-ocular stress. All you need to do is to begin cycling now since what you only need is a good bike, a headgear, the appropriate outfits and perhaps a rucksack is important.


If cycling is not your favorite exercise and you find going for walks too slow, jogging can be the best option. You just need good running shoes and all is set. If you jog for one hour everyday you will be getting good exercises that will boost your fitness, it also reduces the liquid fluid in your eye. Jogging is one great way of reducing your glaucoma risk, you can go for a jog very early in the morning or late in the evening.


If you prefer activities that are done by a group then give soccer a try. It gives you just as excellent exercise as jogging or cycling but has an extra advantage in that you will be socializing and having fun with your friends in the field. Try organizing games at least once or twice in a week’s time and you will quickly begin to notice improvement of fitness in all your body parts.


Whilst physical activities will not completely prevent you against glaucoma, it will help to battle one of the primary risks.  Having regular exercises is also necessary since it will provide you with countless benefits. It protects you from a variety of illnesses, increases your resistance and improves your fitness effectively; it also helps to boost your immune system. If you incorporate your daily exercises with a balanced diet you will be able to reduce your glaucoma danger even further, and boost your overall wellness.

Lastly seeking medication can be a great way of curing glaucoma once it has developed itself to later stages.  Stress has been known to be the major cause of this disease so avoiding stress is so much recommended.

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