Is Glaucoma Hereditary?

Glaucoma is thought to be the disease that can be so much dangerous as to blind the victim. It has to be cured with great caution. The diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and the cure plan must be devised with the help of a well-reputed and well-practiced doctor. An ophthalmologist is the proper person who has an authority to say something special in this regard. It is better to contact any kind of eye specialist or surgeon to get treatment for this disease. Now the question “Is glaucoma hereditary?” may be disturbing for many people who have been suffering from this disease as they may transfer the disease unknowingly to their children.

Is glaucoma hereditary?” is the question and the answer to it involves a deep study of the matter. It is right that the disease has great chances of appearing among the offspring. It is a matter of great relief that a regular checkup and examination of the eyes of children may be enough to save the latter from the severe attack of this disease.

Glaucoma may be delivered by parents to children in different ways such as autosomal recessive and autosomal dominant. The threat of transmitting this disease to next generations differs greatly as it ranges from 2-50%. People having the family history of glaucoma are under the risk factor that they can develop the glaucoma. Your parents have glaucoma it doesn’t only mean that you will also suffer from glaucoma but it is necessary for you to have eye checkup regularly to detect and remove the disease in its early stages.

The question “Is glaucoma hereditary?” also contains an important point it is not necessary that the glaucoma of all types is delivered to the children from the parents. Many types of glaucoma such as glaucoma due to eye injury have very little or no effect to injury. The pediatric glaucoma which is inherited to children contains juvenile, infant and congenital glaucoma. Further types of glaucoma that are inherited to children contain glaucoma that is linked with irregularity in the structure of eye. These types of glaucoma deliver from generation to generation. When a gene transferred to a child is abnormal then it certainly contains abnormal instructions which may lead to a dangerous disease.

The causes of glaucoma are numerous and any one of these or a combination of these reasons may cause the disease. Although genetic and hereditary effects are there but no one can categorically call this disease to be a hereditary one. “Is glaucoma hereditary?” The may be both yes or no. if the answer is yes, you will get a lot of ways to treat it. On the other hand, again, you will get a lot many ways to cure the disease.

There are different kinds of glaucoma and some of its types seem to have been hereditary and “chronic open-angle glaucoma” is one of them. Now the trouble is that if a mother or father has symptoms of this type of the disease, the children may have it init acute form. The best possible caution in this context will be to go to a well-practiced optometrist on regular basis as the early diagnosis makes the healing possible. Go to the optometrist and ask him “Is glaucoma hereditary?” and he will respond in the affirmative.

The questions that arise may include:

  1. Is glaucoma hereditary?
  2. Is it treatable?
  3. Can it be cured?
  4. What is an ophthalmologist fails to diagnose its real type?

The answer is not difficult if your eyes go through perfect examination and the related tests. Similarly, treatment is also not difficult if you know about your family history of glaucoma. An early diagnosis and cure is required in this regard.

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