Fundamental Causes of Glaucoma

Eyes are always cared by the people and it has been noted that the glaucoma disease has to be cured with full attention otherwise the disease may get a chronic shape and is prone to damage the optic nerve. Common symptoms of the disease may include the redness in eyes, pain inside the eye and swelling of the eye. Being a sensible person, you must know the fundamental causes of glaucoma so that the disease is treated without any delay and it does not affect the optic nerve cells behind the retina. Although the exact causes of the disease are not known yet you may understand different situations where the disease may be triggered.

There are many obvious and hereditary causes of the disease and you must take care of these causes if you want to remain away from this disease.

  1. The basic cause of the disease which is unavoidable is the hereditary influence, the genetic pattern and the shape of the eye. If such is the situation, you can not avoid it. The only thing that can keep you away from this disease is the regular checkup of the eyes in order that the problems in your eyes remain in your control and the problem may not grow.
  2. One or more factors may be required to trigger the glaucoma situation in your eyes. The causes of glaucoma are there to make your eyes come under strain. You should go for treatment of this disease as soon as you get it.
  3. Anti asthma and anesthesia medication may also cause the disease. You should keep the record of these medications and show them to your doctor if anything like this happens to you.
  4. Watching television in darkness may also cause an extra stress on your eyes and it may lead your eyes to get the disease.
  5. Some other causes of glaucoma may lead you to severe implications. The open angle and close angle glaucoma situation may arise in this regard.
  6. Type 2 diabetes may also be one of the main causes of glaucoma. The disease hinders the blood flow towards the nerve cells and the ultimate result of the situation is that the problem gets severe due to this reason.
  7. Migraine and high blood pressure may also lead you to get this disease.
  8. Post eye-surgery effects.
  9. The acute glaucoma occurs with the blockage of meshwork around trabecular part of the eye. The aqueous humor part of the eye becomes unable to drain out this fluid from the eye and the pressure may build so that on the optic nerve that the latter may get damaged for ever.
  10. An infected injury in the eye may also contribute to some severe type of glaucoma.
  11. Intake of steroids regularly with proper medical check-up o the body and especially eyes.

The bases of glaucoma are numerous and you may take steps to keep out of reach of these causes. The only thing that you may do in this context is to keep yourself always from dangerous medication as much as possible. The disease gets chronic only when you do not pay proper attention to its cure. This type of problem needs a lot of care t be taken.

When you come to know any of the causes of glaucoma, it is your duty to get them cured as soon as possible. The best choice should be an eye specialist who is able to handle this situation properly. Visit the doctor regularly and go for the scanning of your eyes on regular basis in order that your eyes get relieved due to this treatment.

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