Five Foods that will Help Prevent Glaucoma

There is little evidence that links glaucoma with diet.  However there are a couple of foods that can boost your vision.  These types of food help to prevent glaucoma and improve healthy vision. Since glaucoma affects the eye, it is advisable that you do anything boost and control your vision. Eating well is living healthy, so for you to have healthy eyes you have to make sure that you eat a well balanced meal.  Everyone is in control of his or her body so if you choose to take care of your body well you will have a healthy life. Below are the five common type of diet that can help prevent glaucoma.


This is one of the richest food sources that help to boost the phytonutrient rutin available.  Rutin  supports an individual to having strong and healthy eyes.  For those people who are suffering from glaucoma can use buck wheat since it prevents the eye from radical that cause eye infections.  It also has rutin that helps to support blood flow and ensure that your eyes and your optic nerves are getting the oxygen that they require.  Some studies indicate that rutin helps to prevent eye infections like cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma eye disease.tis makes it to be one of the proven foods that prevent glaucoma.


As you all know oranges are rich in vitamin C. this is one of nutrients that offer protection to the eyes. It is also a strong antioxidant that can protect the eyes from harmful infections like glaucoma. This has made it to be included in the food that can help prevent glaucoma infection.


This is one of the top foods that contain beta carotene. Carotene is a component that human body converts it into vitamin A. this nutrient is very essential since it helps to improve the eye vision of an individual. Whilst there are no studies linking that lack of vitamin A causes glaucoma, this nutrient is an important one since it helps to maintain healthy and strong vision. Vitamin A prevents night blindness and also it protects the eye by acting like an antioxidant.


These are the best source of vitamin E and it contains 26g of this natural nutrient required by the body.  Vitamin E is one of the major nutrients that is required by the body. It helps to keep your eyes safe from other infections and also from radicals that may harm your vision. In addition, it provides protection to all your parts including vital organs like the eye.  Vitamin E is also believed that it can prevent glaucoma disease.


This is a type of vegetable that contain very high phytonutrient- lutein. It has 18.2 mg of lutein nutrient in 100g. lutein if found in the eye of human beings, and thus it is believed that it prevents eye disorders and also keeps the eye healthy and free of infections.

Lastly, we cannot be sure of what really causes glaucoma, and you should know that there is no cure for this type of infection. Thus having a well balanced meal is one of the strongest moves to fighting glaucoma.

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