Causes of Borderline Glaucoma

Borderline glaucoma is also known as narrow angle glaucoma and this condition is very rare. Not many people know they are suffering from any glaucoma related illness but if they feel sudden pain in the eye and cannot resist the pain, they need to visit the medical room immediately. This type of glaucoma appears immediately and the pain is immense and very hard for one to control it. People, who have never undergone eye tests or diagnosed with glaucoma, will automatically know there is a problem with the eye based on the high levels of pain they are experiencing. This type of glaucoma is serious and has the capacity to make one blind in a matter of days and they still undergo server pain even when under the medical watch.

There are many causes of borderline glaucoma and some of them include server injury in the eye because of assaults, accidents, or previous eye ailments. Some people do not report to the doctor when they undergo fights, which damage the eye. Many people result to over the counter medications when they find it hard to see clearly and prefer not to seek professional advice. Other possible threats to the eye include diabetes related illness, poor structure of the eye, and taking certain medications. Steroids and family planning medications fall in this category and they end up causing too much pressure in the body, which damages the eye.

Borderline glaucoma happens when the optic nerve is under intense pressure and the fluids cannot find the proper drainage system to discharge it. When this appears suddenly, one feels immense pain they have no way of controlling it unless they visit the eye specialists. Many people undergo the surgical operations to remove the excess fluids and ensure that no nerve of the eye is damaged in the process.

Visiting unqualified medical specialists will result to total blindness when they touch the sensitive parts of the eye. You need to make sure you undergo a series of test to prevent any type of glaucoma from advancing to the later stages, which automatically results to blindness. However, this type of rare glaucoma has no warning, and the pain comes suddenly and blindness appears after a few days, when no proper operational procedures done.

Some of the signs of borderline glaucoma include high sensitivity to light; blur vision, pressure in the eye, inflammation, and vomiting and persistent headache. This later proceeds to pain in the eyes and one cannot see objects clearly. It is important for one to report to the eye clinic immediately they start noticing these symptoms. When this is not under check, it increase rapidly and one is forced to adhere to blindness. This condition occurs to young and aged people and it has no warning. This is the reason why the glaucoma society is in the front line to approach people in the community to take the first step, and visit the clinics for eye tests and prevent this disaster from happening.

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