Causes of Aphakic Glaucoma in Children

Glaucoma is group of eye diseases that are mainly caused due to the damage in the optic nerve which leads to glaucoma and the latter, if not treated properly, leads to blindness. The apahkic glaucoma is mainly of two types that are open angle glaucoma and closed angle glaucoma. The trabecular meshwork of the eye is the natural path for the fluid depletion which flows within the eye. In some eyes, with aphakic glaucoma the angle becomes closed by scratch mark after having cataract treatment. Generally the angle of the eye is open and it seems not using the fluid produced by the eyes which may result in an increase in eye pressure to a dangerous extent. The open angle type of aphakic glaucoma is also referred to as secondary glaucoma and its exact causes are not discovered yet. The aphakic glaucoma may occur due to the fact that a person may have inherited problems with its drainage angle which become evident and noticeable after the elimination of cataract. There is also a possibility that drainage angle is disturbed by cataract surgery.

Despite of a lot of progress and improvement in the cataract surgery methods it is not discovered that how to avoid glaucoma in human eyes. It may be due to the fact that it is developed in some eyes due to the hereditary ability of the eye to develop glaucoma. The aphakic glaucoma can be identified by ophthalmologist (eye specialist doctor) after having a thorough eye checkup which also involves measurement of intraocular pressure. Generally glaucoma is found in adults and elders but aphakic glaucoma can also affect little children who have gone through cataract surgery if they have taken soothing medicine. In this situation if a doctor finds your child doubtful for glaucoma he may also suggest your child to have a complete eye checkup. Every child who has gone through cataract surgery is under the risk factor of aphakic glaucoma so he/she must have to take precautions throughout the life to avoid glaucoma. Treatment for aphakic glaucoma normally includes eye drop and medicines like tablets and capsules. Your disease may also require a surgery or laser surgery of your eye which helps in controlling the fluid pressure of your eyes and thus saving your vision.

As the disease is often found in children so the kids having cataracts are frequently using artificial lens embedded in their eyes which help to focus light after having cataract surgery. These lenses increase the immunity of the eyes to avoid glaucoma. So the children should keenly follow the instructions to avoid developing glaucoma if they are using lens implants after having an eye surgery.

Many children under the influence of aphakic glaucoma can be treated in a successful way by using different medications. If a patient doesn’t recover after using these medicines, it could be cured by surgery which often gets victory in lowering the intraocular pressure. This surgery may be designed to install a new drainage system for the eye by a method known as trabeculectomy. When a surgery fails to create a new drainage system for the eye, the production of fluid in the eyes can be controlled by a method known as cycloblation. Moreover, the surgery may be performed for the opening of natural drainage angle of eyes by a process named as trabeculotomy or goniotomy. As aphakic glaucoma is very dangerous for eyes and it may lead to blindness so taking precautions to avoid it are necessary and early finding of aphakic glaucoma remarkably increase the possibility to control it effectively, ensuring utmost protection of vision of eye under the influence of aphakic glaucoma.

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