Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma Eye Infection

Glaucoma is an eye infection that is feared by many, if not attended to at its early stages it can lead to vision problems caused by failure in drainage system of the eye. It is usually dominant with advanced age, and this is because the drainage system can become clogged with advanced age even if the drainage angle is open. The pressure in the eye builds up as a result of the aqueous fluid which does not drain from the eye, and this causes subsequent building up of pressure on the eye which is painless and has no symptoms. It is characterized by having high intraocular pressure, an open chamber anterior angle, and also the visual field becomes abnormal. With one of its characteristics being its ability to remain anonymous, it draws a whole new problem because by the time the patient realizes there is something wrong, the disease will be in its advanced stages and hence it will be difficult to control it.


Glaucoma is a very serious concern due to its ability to not show symptoms hence it is very difficult to detect and most cases it can be identified only when it is in its advanced stages. People are usually not conscious of the problem until the loss affects their central visual area. Although it does not show any symptoms during its initial stages, it is recommended that you become cautious so as to avoid losing your sight.


There are several factors that can facilitate someone to contact this disease, although the most common cause of this disease is increased pressure of the eye. Some of these causes include:

·       Intraocular pressure

This is the greatest cause to glaucoma and it is caused by the aqueous fluid not having to flow through its normal drainage system, hence leading to a build up, and as a result creating intraocular pressure. One of the main reasons of this occurring is aging, it has been reported that people over the age of 46 years of age are more prone to contracting the disease than people who are younger than this age group.

·       Ethnicity and gender

Research has shown that men are more prone to contract glaucoma than women. Research has also shown that blacks and Asians are more prone to contracting this disease than Caucasians or white people.

·       Hereditary

Your family lineage may also be another cause of contracting glaucoma if your family has a history of the disease then there is a possibility of you contracting the disease.


An eye examination by a specialist in glaucoma or glaucoma in general is necessary. The examination include the measurements of intraocular pressure through tonometry, the examination will also include the examination of the optic nerve to check if there is any damage, it also involves gonioscopy which is the examination of the anterior chamber angle.


The most common treatment of the glaucoma is laser surgery although it is a temporary solution and not necessarily a cure to the disease.

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