All About Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma

Glaucoma has many types and most of its types are dangerous for the eyes. There are many things that are common in all these disease-types and they relate to the ways through which the diagnosis and treatment of the disease is made. The pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is the disease that is disturbing to the people and must be treated as early as possible in order that it does not affect the eyesight. Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is a type of syndrome and is a systemic situation where a protein related substance comes in the anterior part of the eye. The reason of this protein like substance may be... Read More

Important Facts About Rubeotic Glaucoma

Eyes glazed over by abnormal material, damaged tiny cells of the eyes, rubeotic glaucoma is the growth of a grayish white matter that grows in different forms over the iris and cornea of the eyes.  Generally thought to be a sign of normal aging is now considered a secondary condition to other controllable disease, onset of tumors, or ocular inflammatory diseases.   Eyes of the normal person aging can develop stoppage of blood flow to the iris that colored part of the eyes we see as the portal to the soul.  Lesser amounts of blood flowing to the tiny vessels in the eye diminish the... Read More

What Is Uveitic Glaucoma?

So small, so complex, so vital to living a standard existence, our eyes and sight are subject to damage from sources that may or may not emanate from the eye structure itself. Uveitic glaucoma can present itself when the small blood and fluid vessels are involved in variations of physiological or chemical changes in the body.   The eye structure has minute vessels that transfer and regulate the fluids with a very delicate balance. Fluids move in the eye to the forward position to the lens.  Release from the eye happens at the area known as the angle. Should blockage occur in the flow of... Read More

The Relationship Between Glaucoma and Diabetes

Glaucoma, sometimes, turns into a syndrome if not cured in time and in a proper way. Various other diseases also affect this disease. It has to be stuffed in mind that this disease can be cured if not taken for granted. It has been a matter of great relief that the cures of this disease have been discovered and it has become easier for the people to get relief from it with the help of an ophthalmologist.  Diabetes is the disease that has many malignant effects on different body organs if it is not controlled. It has been noted that glaucoma and diabetes are related to each other and a study... Read More

Pigmentary Glaucoma Mostly Hits Youth

There are many types, causes and symptoms of glaucoma and you may shun this disease if you keep away from the disturbing things in this regard. The pigmentary glaucoma is one of the severest types of disease that has numerous effects on the eyesight and may lead you towards its chronic form. It mostly hits the people who are below 40. The pigmentary glaucoma needs to taken care of because a little negligence on your part may lead you towards a sever situation in this regard. As the very name of the disease reveals, small colored pigments found in the iris start mixing in the fluid that is... Read More

The Different Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma has come from a Greek word which means opacity of the crystalline lens. It is an eye disease that develops when fluid pressure increases in the eye. Increased pressure is also called intraocular pressure that damages optic nerve which transfers images to brain. If pressure on eye continues, it causes loss of sight and, in this way, glaucoma causes permanent blindness. Some people have no symptoms or pain on this raised pressure. If your age is 40, you should go for eye exam every 1 to 2 years with a good eye doctor. When intraocular pressure rises, glaucoma occurs. When the eye’s... Read More