Living with Glaucoma

Glaucoma has robbed the vision of many people both young and old in the society. This has led to a sharp increase in the awareness program and many people are in the front line to undergo the tests and find out if they have the opportunity to salvage the situation. When it is in the earlier stages, one has the option is to prevent it through medication or surgical operations. On the other hand, living with glaucoma is not easy and one needs to make sure that they have the access to education all the time failure to which, they will end up losing the sight. Many medical facilities are on the... Read More

How to Deal with Borderline Glaucoma

Many people have no idea they are suffering from glaucoma until they start having issues with sites. This is known as bilateral glaucoma and one needs to find out the extent of the damage. Some of the causes of glaucoma include injuries sustained during fights, assaults, or accidents. When this happens, it affects the eye and the optic nerve in general. This is one of the core parts of the eye, that deals with vision and when anything blocks it, one finds it hard to see well. One needs to make sure they get the eye tests done by professionals to warn of any impounding danger. When one is... Read More

Glaucoma Diets You Should Know

According to research, one has the opportunity to avoid future blindness when they have the glaucoma diet, and take time to invest in eye centers to get the best results. Everyone has higher chances of getting this disease, hence the need to take stern measures to curb it away in the earliest time possible. It is a proven factor that one has the capacity to prevent this disease and this is through a proper diet, reporting to the eye specialists for frequent tests and living a good lifestyle. We are what we eat, and taking certain foods will promote poor vision and this will lead to total... Read More

Recovering from Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is a condition where by the IOP of the eye increases. The increased pressure may cause damage to the nerves leading to a low vision. There are different treatments to this type of condition depending on the type of infection that you have. The medication of eye infection is sought either through medication or through surgery. Depending on the condition, either filtering microsurgery or laser treatment is done. The surgeries are the most appropriate since they help to lower the eye pressure. Surgery helps to remove the excess fluid from the aqueous humour also it reduces the... Read More

Getting Glaucoma Surgery

As the second main cause of blindness on the planet, glaucoma is a severe eye problem. However many people aren’t aware of this particular vision threatening condition. Based on the WHO or World Health Organization, amongst the 4. 5 or 5 million folks all over the world blinded through glaucoma, just 50% of these folks are aware they have glaucoma. Yet, with newer treatments obtainable, people with glaucoma don’t have to move from blindness. Glaucoma is really a term that physicians have given to the four eye diseases. Just what the four kinds of this have in typical is how they... Read More

The Symptoms of Open Angle Glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma that is also called chronic simple glaucoma, takes place in 80 % of all folks with it, however this is an eye illness that may be treated if it is identified early. You can find generally no symptoms together with glaucoma; a lot of people don’t realize they have this until this is too late. It is unfortunate, since if treated earlier, vision could be saved and also the disease cured. For this reason it is extremely crucial to focus on any signs or symptoms that might appear. You can find other forms of this condition yet open angle glaucoma is the one which affects... Read More