Five Foods that will Help Prevent Glaucoma

There is little evidence that links glaucoma with diet.  However there are a couple of foods that can boost your vision.  These types of food help to prevent glaucoma and improve healthy vision. Since glaucoma affects the eye, it is advisable that you do anything boost and control your vision. Eating well is living healthy, so for you to have healthy eyes you have to make sure that you eat a well balanced meal.  Everyone is in control of his or her body so if you choose to take care of your body well you will have a healthy life. Below are the five common type of diet that can help prevent... Read More

Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma Eye Infection

Glaucoma is an eye infection that is feared by many, if not attended to at its early stages it can lead to vision problems caused by failure in drainage system of the eye. It is usually dominant with advanced age, and this is because the drainage system can become clogged with advanced age even if the drainage angle is open. The pressure in the eye builds up as a result of the aqueous fluid which does not drain from the eye, and this causes subsequent building up of pressure on the eye which is painless and has no symptoms. It is characterized by having high intraocular pressure, an open... Read More

Causes of Borderline Glaucoma

Borderline glaucoma is also known as narrow angle glaucoma and this condition is very rare. Not many people know they are suffering from any glaucoma related illness but if they feel sudden pain in the eye and cannot resist the pain, they need to visit the medical room immediately. This type of glaucoma appears immediately and the pain is immense and very hard for one to control it. People, who have never undergone eye tests or diagnosed with glaucoma, will automatically know there is a problem with the eye based on the high levels of pain they are experiencing. This type of glaucoma is... Read More

Causes of Exfoliation Glaucoma

Many people have eye related conditions and one of them is exfoliation glaucoma. This is one of the major causes of blindness in the entire world and it affects the young and the old. A number of factors cause it but the most notable cause is the buildup of fluids and this forms loads of pressure since the flaky white fluid cannot find the exit channel. Some have this in their genes and others get this condition due to previous cases of eye disorders. Many people who have this exfoliation syndrome have higher chances of getting this condition but this also depends on the location, age, and... Read More

Types and Causes of Glaucoma

Glaucoma eye disease is a disease that is caused by increase of IOP (intraocular pressure) in the eye resulting from malfunction or malformation of the eye drainage structures.  When this kind of disease is left untreated it causes an irreversible damage to the optic nerve and this can lead to a permanent loss of vision. But early treatment and detection can halt or even slow the progression of the disease. What is the main cause of glaucoma? The eye normally produces a clear fluid that fills the anterior chambers of the iris and retina.  The fluid filters out through a complex drainage... Read More

Ways to Prevent Glaucoma

Research recommends that frequent exercises can have a very positive impact on intra-ocular fluid pressure in the eye. According to many medical experts, people who do exercises three times or more per weeks time can decrease their eyes’ liquid stress levels by up to 20%. Intra-ocular stress is one of the primary glaucoma risks so any actions you can take to discourage it should be followed. While it won’t offer you assured security from glaucoma, it will reduce your danger. In this article I talk about a number of useful workouts and exercises that can help reduce the liquid... Read More